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C++ is the Object Orientated Programming from some other language and the syntax and power of C , C++ is so compatible with C that you often see it as C/C++ or C,C++ and can take a file made in C, make it a cpp file, and it’ll still run. C++ is fast and allows the creation of objects and how they relate to one another. It does a lot of what could be done in C for you to make your life easier. Due to it’s speed and objects, it’s often the best choice to make video games and operating systems.

C++ have as much in common as Java and JavaScript, which have as much in common. JavaScript was named as such so people would think it had something to do with the original language Java, which was already popular, so basically tailgating of they’re success in some click-bait maneuver. The same might be true with C#.

Web Application

Web application are future programming . They execute the core business logic that handles a user’s request and sends back HTML to the user’s browser. To do their job, they typically communicate with a variety of backend infrastructures such as databases, caching layers, job queues, search services, other microservices, data/logging queues, and more. As mentioned above, you typically have at least two, and often times many more, plugged into a load balancer in order to process user requests.

You should know that app server implementations require choosing a specific language (PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Scala, C# .NET, etc.) and a web MVC framework for that language (Laravel for PHP, Express for Node.js, Play for Scala, Ruby on Rails, etc.).

عمل برامج خاصة دسك توب

يتوفر لدينا خدمة تحويل أي عمل يدوي إلى برنامج كمبيوتر ديسك توب
عمل تحليل وبرمجة ومتابعة , يمكنك الآن تزويدنا بالمعطيات الموجودة لديك
أو التواصل معنا عن الطريق المراسلة بالضغط هنا

Programming languages

Programming languages—the ones you’re likely to encounter, anyhow—are simply not all that different. At some point, that new language you’re picking up isn’t all that new any more.
In the first you must Learn professionally at least one strong language.

This tells us far more about popular languages than about experienced programmers.

For me the best languages / C / Java / Delphi or Pascal / C++

You can easily write libraries in C and with that you can harvest the power of C to the language you already know.