Development Desktop Application & webbased Application

Development Desktop Application & webbased Application, if you want Development custom for any financial software? solution way – Ask , FlyingSoft has over a 15 years of experience in desktop application development, We perform the work from first step by step , So the first step thing draw your idea with analysis of the program for your project and give you real implementation before programming , So software development experience. With specific knowledge of multiple industries, we can understand the context of your business and the things that are important to you so we can hit the ground running to deliver the perfect custom desktop application.

After experiencing firsthand the pains of managing multiple spreadsheets and business applications, FlyingSoft established a real need to develop a fully integrated solution for small business. As a result, The FlyingSoft Company was founded.

Our Small Business Software solution to help owners Improve and Simplify their entire business for end users,



Integrated features such as GL, AP, AR, scheduling, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics and inventory management offer small business owners the simplicity and ease of use that will save time. The software is configured to service small and medium sized enterprises in a diversity of vertical markets such as Trade, Service, Retail, and Construction, So Download and run


Do you make job by old way like copying and pasting or importing and exporting information amongst several different platforms with Office application? Desktop applications can help streamline various processes within a business, improving efficiency and effectiveness and use special database.

But it doesn’t take just any desktop application to remedy issues. You may have attempted the search for a piece of off-the-shelf software and found it proved unsuccessful because the software apps you found are either insufficient or simply don’t exist. In other cases, some business may have an existing legacy application that is core to the business but needs a slight upgrade or tweak to better appeal to your customers and help your business scale or grow into new markets.

When customized for your business, desktop applications can yield many benefits for your day to day processes. Customer desktop application development could solve many minor but recurring frustrations and free time up for tasks that can eventually add significant more value to the company. With our range of experience in desktop application development, our team at Entrance creates custom software solutions that can resolve from program even the most custom documents issues such as:

  • There is no error by human data entry
  • Easily gathering and evaluating complex information
  • Automating most repetitive and cumbersome manual tasks
  • Improving employee performance and customer satisfaction

Development Desktop Application for Custom HR & Payroll Software For Government departments, which make work with employees very easy and do all procedure automatically, which contain the action of Orders, Promotions, Penalties, Incentives, Deductions, Taxes, Increases, Allowance , Dangerous Allowance …etc.

Development Desktop Application for Custom Accounting Construction Software with Fixed Asset Module, Worker Module and rate difference for which project procedure automatically, which improved your work benefit and controls your equipment and another tools.

Development Desktop Application New technology for any one do not know accounting , this is called FlyingMoney which have 7 Dafter and it easy to Add Entry , Edit Entry , Delete Entry in all of the 7 Dafter , so can get more report by customer or branch contain value , total, summary for all Entry.

We give businesses in Jordan the information for more 15 years, insight and tools they need to succeed today.Too often businesses make decisions based on what’s in the rear view mirror, rather than the headlights. We combine ease, friendly, real-time technology to put information at your fingertips so you can make fast, informed decisions.We do business the right way, building trust with customers for small and medium businesses.

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Every codebase is different, and so is every team of developers. Check out some of those quirks and preferences influenced by developers, their coding environment, and the technologies developers adopt.

They include significant open source software and/or code, and allow for including relevant post publication version updates. Software articles capture all metadata needed to help others apply the software in their own research.

For a more concrete example, consider this scenario, you’re designing a piece of software to manage students, teachers and classes in an educational facility. For convenience purposes, you’d like your Class object to be able to query for the Students that are enrolled within its instance. At the same time, you’d like to know what Classes a Student is enrolled in.

We use Delphi to build application, This is a powerful, full object-oriented and cross-platform programming language which offers extensive features for building network applications.

Delphi has always had amazing capabilities to run desktop applications right from the start.

Delphi the best if you have intentions of developing applications that will run on any windows operating system. It is great when your employee staff knowledge with Windows OS.

Delphi is the first and fastest language to build professional and powerful desktop applications, and have features not found in other languages ​​or platforms.